National Utilities customers rely on NUCO formed sheet metal flange and machined flange configurations to provide accurate seal combinations. Our flanges are available in aluminum, steel, titanium and other metals, in many design combinations, to meet a variety of requirements.

Flange applications often include engine-to-engine connections, lightweight aircraft anti-icing duct connections, engine interfaces, and other types of critical duct and pipe connections in many industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Medical
  • Electrical grid generation
  • Marine applications
  • Transportation

Quality Production and Testing

NUCO V-Band Couplings can be paired with NUCO Sheet Metal Flanges, NUCO Machined Flanges, or flanges cast as an integral part of your product. National Utilities has the capability to custom manufacture flanges in our modern Fort Worth production facility, complete with the finest equipment and tooling capabilities.

Sheet Metal Flange

Every NUCO Sheet Metal Flange is hydraulically formed using a radial-axial bulge forming process known for accuracy and consistency. We create flanges from corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel, nickel alloys, Inconel, A-40 or A-70 commercially pure titanium, and aluminum. These lightweight flanges provide hot-air duct joints where a low leakage rate is permissible, and do not require gaskets because of the metal-to-metal seal at the sheet metal flange face. NUCO Sheet Metal Flanges are readily available in standard tube sizes of 1 to 10 inches.

Machined Flange

Manufactured for higher performance applications, NUCO Machined Flanges feature the profile and metal combinations that will ensure proper seals for the application at hand. Take a look at our flange selection guide for an idea of our capabilities, and remember that National Utilities manufactures high-performance machined flanges for almost any specific customer requirements. Request a quote with your specifications to learn more, and NUCO engineers will provide a detailed quote for the custom machining of flanges to meet your project specifications within tight tolerances.

Customized Joining Solutions

Contact National Utilities Company’s experienced sales team to request a quote today for your application-specific coupling or joint design. Simply provide your project specifications, and our team will reach out to discuss every detail and provide a joining solution that is engineered to suit your needs.

Download a NUCO Flange Selection Guide

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