National Utilities Company is known for our standard-setting expertise sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality clamps, flanges, o rings and seals, and fastening solutions for our clients’ needs. NUCO engineers work closely with our clients to design customized duct joints, assemblies, and other products to complete your project.

Duct Joints

Duct joints consist of two flanges and a V-band coupling to provide a sturdy and reliable joint. Specialty duct joints are also available. With superior performance of individual components, you can trust the quality of National Utilities Duct Joints. These coupling-flange-seal combinations can be manufactured using the techniques that suit your pneumatic duct design requirements.

Seals and O- Rings

Whether stamped or machined, aluminum, copper, or nickel alloys, National Utilities manufactures seals to meet the needs of customer applications worldwide. National Utilities also supplies silicon rubber seals and o rings which exceed customer expectations time and time again. Need help designing a seal for a specific duct joint application? NUCO engineers are ready to help prepare your custom quote.

Strap Assemblies

Used to secure and support a wide variety of components, NUCO Strap Assemblies are available with cork or synthetic-rubber pads to protect your primary payload. Standard strap assemblies are typically used to tie down and support a range of equipment and components in transportation, logistics, and aeronautical applications. With ends, sizes, and shapes designed to suit the needs of each application, these straps can also include pads or cushions that increase the value of each design.

Contact Us for Unusual Clamp or Coupling Applications

NUCO engineers are highly qualified designers who can create solutions to your exact project requirements. Through their skilled adaptation of standard components and completely new designs, you’ll find that National Utilities engineers won’t quit until they find a solution to your coupling problem.

Customized Joining Solutions

Contact National Utilities Company’s experienced sales team to request a quote today for your application-specific coupling or joint design. Simply provide your project specifications, and our team will reach out to discuss every detail and provide a joining solution that is engineered to suit your needs.

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