National Utilities Company leads the industry’s hose coupling manufacturers with integrity and quality products. NUCO V-Band Couplings and band clamps, as well as a variety of specialty clamp configurations, can be combined or customized to suit any application. Download the selection guides below and request a quote and selection assistance for your project.

NUCO V-Band Clamps & Couplings

When our customers look for a quick, reliable way to join tubing, pipe, component sections and more, they turn to National Utilities V-Band Clamps. Using the strength of a band clamp, and adding the wedging action of V-retainer sections, NUCO V-Band Clamps create a dependable, economical and easily separable joint. Our commitment to quality and delivery, together with the substantial time savings in assembly and disassembly compared to other joint configurations, make National Utilities V-Band Clamps a leader among U.S. hose coupling manufacturers.

NUCO V-Band Couplings are known throughout many industries as the standard of quality and performance. Used as part of an easily separable joint assembly along with our mating flanges, NUCO V-Band Couplings are available in a wide variety of sizes and latch styles.

Band Clamps & Specialty Clamps

When proper mounting and attachment is key, customers turn to National Utilities Band Clamps for quality and performance. With infinite combinations of latch styles, diameters, band widths or thicknesses, and lug or clip configurations, NUCO Band Clamps have the strength to withstand the most critical pressure, temperature and vibration conditions. Band clamps are available in corrosion-resistant steel and other materials.

Hose coupling manufacturers for every industry

Quality development is the key to creating specialty clamps to meet your needs. From discussions about function to final manufacture of clamps, National Utilities engineers create designs and deliver the solutions you need with a singular dedication to customer service. Our specialty clamp collection includes standard T-bolt latch, quick disconnect, perfect circle, bracket, light duty, and take-up clamps in a variety of latch configurations, widths, and sizes.

Customized Joining Solutions

Contact National Utilities Company’s experienced sales team to request a quote today for your application- and industry-specific coupling or joint design. Simply provide your project specifications, and our team will reach out to discuss every detail and provide a joining solution that is engineered to suit your needs.

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