From specially designed clamps and flanges to approved industry standard couplings and seals, National Utilities offers products with superior quality and performance. Most products are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet customer specific needs. If our current library of drawings does not hold a specification which suits your design function, National Utilities can create a new design to accomplish your goals.


As the core of our product lines, National Utilities takes great pride in efficiently manufacturing clamps to meet customer demand. From V-band Couplings and Band Clamps to Strap Assemblies and a selection of miscellaneous clamp configurations, you can count on quality products backed by top customer service.

  • Band Clamps

    Band Clamps

    When proper mounting and attachment is key, customers return to National Utilities Band Clamps for quality and performance. With infinite combinations of latch styles, diameters, band widths or thicknesses, and lug or clip configurations, National Utilities Band Clamps have the strength to withstand the most critical pressure, temperature and vibration conditions.

  • V-Band Couplings


    When our customers look for a quick, reliable way to join tubing, pipe, component sections and more, they turn to National Utilities V-Band Clamps. Using the strength of a Band Clamp, and adding the wedging action of V-retainer sections, National Utilities V-Band Clamps create a dependable, economical and easily separable joint. Our commitment to quality and delivery, together with the substantial time savings in assembly and disassembly compared to other joint configurations, make National Utilities V-Band Clamps a great value to our customers.

  • Miscellaneous Clamps

    Miscellaneous Clamps

    Quality development is the key to creating specialty clamps to meet your needs. From discussions about function to final manufacture of clamps, National Utilities retains world class staff to make engineering designs a smooth process. With technology to ensure you receive the clamp you need, you’ll find great value in returning to National Utilities for miscellaneous clamps to meet your needs.

  • Strap Assemblies

    Strap Assemblies

    Standard strap assemblies are typically used to tie down and support a range of equipment and components. With ends, sizes, and shapes designed to suit the needs of each application, these straps can also include pads or cushions that increase the value of each design.

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Formed sheet metal flanges or machined configurations provide the accurate seal combinations on which National Utilities customers rely. Either is available in aluminum, steel, titanium and other metals, in many design combinations, to meet a variety of requirements.

  • Machined Flanges


    Manufactured for higher performance applications, National Utilities can provide machined flanges with the profile and metal combinations that will ensure proper seals for the application at hand.

  • Sheet metal Flanges


    Experience and continuing quality of performance put the parts National Utilities manufactures in the Radial-Axial Bulge Forming process ahead of the competition. Sheet metal parts formed of corrosion resistant steel, nickel alloys, titanium and aluminum, are one example of how National Utilities is committed to processes which reduce manufacturing costs while increasing accuracy and consistency.

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Other Parts and Assemblies

Using the expertise we have gained in building our core product line, National Utilities takes great pride in providing other quality items needed by our customers. Engineers on the National Utilities staff can work with you to design duct joints, seals, and other products to meet the goals of your project.

  • Duct Joints

    Duct Joints

    With superior performance of individual components, you can trust the quality of National Utilities Duct Joints. Saving resources for our customers by assembling reliable joints, these coupling-flange-seal combinations can be manufactured using the techniques that suit your pneumatic duct design requirements.

  • Seals


    Whether stamped or machined, aluminum, copper, or nickel alloys, National Utilities manufactures seals to meet the needs of customer applications worldwide. National Utilities also supplies silicon rubber seals which exceed customer expectations time and time again.

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