National Utilities Company is founded in Monrovia, California and over time, develops a very positive and well-deserved corporate image, based on product quality, on-time delivery, design capability, and responsiveness to customer needs.
1983 – 1992
Various owners take control of National Utilities and, through poor leadership, sales decline causing the company to default on bank loans. Robert Greer is recognized as a logical candidate for purchasing the company. Robert had spent many years in the aircraft fastener business and knew National Utilities’ true value, even in its severely weakened state.
January 1993
VIJ Corporation, a family holding company owned by Jane and Robert Greer, buys National Utilities.
August 1993
VIJ Corporation moves National Utilities, all machinery, tooling, equipment, etc. to a modern leased building in Fort Worth, Texas. All the key salaried people and most skilled hourly people move to Fort Worth.
National Utilities regains business from many key customers, including Boeing.
Sales double as National Utilities makes great progress in regaining its status as a preferred supplier.
National Utilities registers as AS9100/ISO9001:2000 certified, for the first time.
National Utilities updates computer systems and ERP software to improve order tracking capabilities and quoting accuracy.
National Utilities continues to grow in the advantage of integrity, focusing on retaining world class employees and exceeding expectations of major OEMs as a preferred supplier.